The Hacking of Telcominer-1

A critical look at Telcominer, a recently hacked bitcoin cloud mining company, as an investor or a marketer, you will agree with me that they were the boom and with them you are ready to go to the moon. Referring of friends and family members was done without any spark or trace of fear or doubt, they confirmed every harsh rate purchased as soon as possible and if in-case it gets stocked their support team was at your beck and call, they were superb, swift and prompt, the daily profit and the daily payout were sure, accurate and predictable.

There are some of us that if we were told that telcominer will go wouldn’t have believed, not until when the black day came. Though it came with some signs, but we could not perceive it, they went offline twice with a maintenance notice, saying that they are upgrading their security server because of some breach.

The rapid way and manners they handled those incidents with regular update and maintenance notice did more harm than good to us, because it made us believe on them the more that they are real and not scammers, until the finally stroke that broke the camel’s back. One morning when we login as usually we saw an unusual terrifying beast-like image on their website landing page, with a sign saying..,

you have been hacked, were is your security it was low as hell
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