Some days later the hackers scary image and message went off and a 404 error page popped up on the landing page, some of us with excitement said that they are working on it and that they might be back soon, but  till now the popped up 404 error page still remain and yet no response from them anywhere. What is the problem with telcominer?, where is the wonderful support team?  Why can’t they say something? Why the silence? Getting hacked is not strange, but remaining silent without a word after the hack is strange and suspicious.

When Nice harsh was  hacked the CEO admitted that they were hacked, and there were press release everywhere about it until they recovered and came back to business. What is the problem with telcominer? Did they arrange the hack? Are they behind it? Would they ever come back or are they dead and gone.

From time immemorial scam has been a reoccurring phenomenon when it comes to online investment or transaction, and cryptocurrency and it’s blockchain ecosystem vulnerability to scam, is higher now than ever before. Scam, have you experienced it once? how? and what was your reaction, or if you do experience it, how will you react.? Share your experience or thoughts with me. Keep a date as I will be sharing 3 ironical lessons I learned when Telcominer was hacked soon.

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By George Ifeanyi
I am an evangelist by calling,a motivational speaker, an author, a blogger, a digital marketer, a cryptocurrency trader, educator and consultant. I also design beautiful and stunning websites, with over 5 years experience on the internet, feel free to call me to speak in your event, seminar or programs. My passion generally gears towards things that has the potential to challenge and change lives positively.

One Thought to “The Hacking of Telcominer-2”

  1. Umeh Bartholomew

    As an investor with telcominers it was a big experience and an eye opener. They are gone forever

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